Night venue : La Notte

Maison communale de Plainpalais
Rue de Carouge 52
1205 Genève

Fri 01, Sat 02, Wed 06, Fri 08, Sat 09, Sat 16 September
Opening times : 22:00 - 05:00

Special opening Fri 15 : 18:00-04:00

La Notte

Warm, sunny, dreamy and starry nights, La Notte (the central venue of La Bâtie) brings festival-goers and night owls together for seven evenings of festive and daring programming. An ecstatic extension of the Festival, La Notte offers concerts, electric DJ sets and performances, inviting the cream of European and international nightlife.

Open from 22:00 to 05:00 on the eve of public holidays, La Bâtie keeps Geneva's nights dancing until the end of the night.

Fri 01, Sat 02, Wed 06, Fri 08, Sat 09, Sat 16 September
Opening times : 22:00 - 05:00

Special opening Fri 15 : 18:00-04:00

Terrace Bar

Once again this year, we'll be joined at the bar by the team from La Distillerie Bar | Lab. Quentin Verne and his team will be serving up a menu of quality cocktails, regional beers, local wines, fruit juices from the surrounding orchards and appetisers made with local produce.

Fri 01, Sat 02, Wed 06, Fri 08, Sat 09, Fri 15, Sat 16 September
Opening times : 22:00 - 05:00

The Festival Cocktail

Discover the Bâtie cocktail, a special creation that celebrates the very essence of the Festival! A unique cocktail created by La Distillerie, it combines exquisite flavours with refined aromas for an unforgettable taste experience.

Bâtie 2023 cocktail (recipe for 1.5 litres)
Gin 35cl
Sake yuzu 35cl
Verbena 45cl
Verjuice 30cl
Liquid sugar 10cl 

Mousse in a siphon (recipe for 0.7 litre)
60cl pitch flower infusion
10cl sugar syrup
1/2 teaspoon malic acid 

*Start with 35cl of premium gin. The gin adds an aromatic dimension, enhancing the other flavours in this captivating cocktail.
*Next, add 35cl of yuzu sake, a delicate Japanese liqueur infused with yuzu, a rare and exotic citrus fruit.
*Add 45cl of verbena. Verbena captivates the senses, offering a soothing yet invigorating sensation.
*To balance the overall effect, infuse the cocktail with 30cl of verjuice, an unfermented green grape juice. The verjuice adds a slight acidity that enhances the flavours and creates a perfect balance between sweetness and liveliness.
*Finally, add 10cl of liquid sugar to gently sweeten the mixture.

 To top it all off, you need a mousse!

*Combine 60cl of pitch flower infusion in a siphon.
*Add 10cl of sugar syrup.
*Finally, add half a teaspoon of malic acid.

Direction, concept and design: / Angelo Bergomi
Developed in collaboration with Tania Nerfin, artist and socio-cultural facilitator, and Carole Favre, stylist, set designer and prop designer
Construction, in order of appearance at the workshop:
Angelo Bergomi
Carole Favre
Marek Chojecki, director, dramaturge
Dominique Tavier, stage manager
Fredo Lespagnol, anarchist and actor
Serruriers Noirs (Robin Gabriel), locksmith
José Liberato, painter and builder
Joshuah Teegarden, blacksmith, builder
Laure Donzé, projectionist, photographer
And the entire technical team at La Bâtie for the set-up!

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